Fifth Era believes that the world is entering a digital age in which everything humans do will be dramatically changed.

Today we all use the internet and mobile devices. Yesterday we did not.

Tomorrow we will all be constantly connected, communicating, conducting commerce, and entertaining each other through interactive digital technologies.

Fifth Era works with teams who share this vision...who are changing our world today.



Working with the founders, executive teams and boards of our advisory clients and the companies we invest in, we develop compelling strategies with an emphasize on executable plans - not lofty concepts that an organization can not make happen.

Whether we are setting strategy, building go to market plans, developing operations and organization or assisting in fund raising and business development, our intent is always to align and mobilize the entire company in the process of our work together - only in this way is implementation assured.

If you need to change direction at speed, and want to keep your team aligned and focused, we should talk.


Fifth Era has been involved in transformational success stories as we have identified, conceptualized and launched new businesses and penetrated new markets.

We have spent a great deal of time in the areas of collaborative innovation and partnering. Here we have brought together industry leaders to create powerful new value propositions.

Fifth Era is also experienced with most aspects of mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and IPO transactions.


Fifth Era invests in and incubates early stage technology enabled companies. We back teams that understand internet, mobile, social, local, commerce and payments technologies and who are putting them together in new and ambitious ways.


The leaders of Fifth Era began their careers with McKinsey and were Senior Partners of AT Kearney, Booz and Monitor where some of the clients listed were served.

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