Blockchain competitive advantage

Whether you are an entrepreneur, investor, or established company,

learn how to win the battle for blockchain competitive advantage.

Blockchain is moving into a new competitive phase that requires a clearer future view and more focused strategies for competing. Whether you are an entrepreneur, investor, or established company, learn how to win the battle for blockchain competitive advantage.

This book provides clear advice from two experts in strategy, technology investing and blockchain. In its pages the authors:

  • Establish a vision of the future and the big issues that need to be solved

  • Describe the enabling innovations and technologies that may be leveraged

  • Show you how to develop your strategy - making sure you have a “way to play” that you understand the key success factors, and that you quickly secure a “right to win.”

In blockchain a few of the leaders have begun to do just this, and they are preparing now for a much more competitive game - which is coming fast.


“There are a lot of great books on new technologies, and a few great ones on the blockchain. This one will join them and will be on my devices ready to be referred to because my life, and that of my firm, is dedicated to helping us all reach that better world towards which the innovators are working.”
— Bart Stephens, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Blockchain Capital
“Alison and Matthew have been on the forefront of investing in blockchain technology long before most people knew what it was. While many books provide theories and overviews, learn about investment strategies from two people who went beyond talking - to putting money to work shaping the technology’s future.”

— Jalak Jobanputra, Founder and General Partner, Future\Perfect Ventures
“Alison and Matthew have written a seminal book that helps the reader appreciate that we’re on the precipice of massive blockchain-related wealth creation, and how to best position yourself for that coming blockchain revolution.”

— Lou Kerner, Co-Founder and General Partner, CryptoOracle
“The title of this book speaks to our view of the long-term importance of blockchain to society. We believe the blockchain protocol represents an opportunity to take a great leap forward into an even more powerful digital world. One in which old-fashioned notions of how to ensure identity, trust, security, and so on, are replaced by powerful, ubiquitous new ways of accomplishing our desired ends. The digital infrastructure we have today will not be sufficient for the future. We need to evolve to a digital world that incorporates native digital monies and assets, and blockchain provides the promise that it may give birth to those important innovations.”
— Alison Davis and Matthew Le Merle, Authors, Blockchain Competitive Advantage