Every new blockchain project being contemplated brings with it a host of complex issues from strategy, through business development and go to market, to operational, marketing and investment considerations. As consultants in this space we have helped others navigate these challenges and risks and we are looking for a small number of additional clients to work with. Our preference is quality not quantity of engagements.


With decades of experience leading and advising financial services, payments, retailing, consumer and technology companies that are leaders in their respective spaces, we know how to set strategy and create compelling user value propositions. Blockchain technologies are allowing us to now describe new approaches that solve complex issues that we have worked on in the past, in new and innovative ways.

Go to Market

Every strategy requires a thoughtful consideration of the best ways to get to market. Whether de novo, through partnerships and alliances or other novel arrangements, we think it makes sense to begin with a broad view of the best way to help disruptive blockchain teams ensure their strategy stands out from the crowd. Increasingly, investors expect this, and we can often also make the introductions that lead to powerful go to market partnerships.

Research + Market Analysis

Where appropriate we can help guide the research and market analysis that is needed to set strategy and create compelling business plans, models and white papers.

White Paper Creation

We are your partners in white paper creation. Today white papers have to be compelling but also realistic. Having launched and invested in hundreds of businesses, we can help make your white paper resonate with the investors you wish to reach.

INVESTOR Identification + Engagement

We have a handful of the most active blockchain investors that we routinely bring good ideas to. We are not fund raisers, and we don't drive your long tail strategy, but we can, in the right circumstances, make the introductions that drive the larger block investments that will make your raise a large and successful one. We do this in the US, Europe including Russia, and across Asia.

Advisor Introductions

We can help build out your advisory team with introductions to some of the most important names in business, blockchain and the crypto spaces.

Marketing + Public Relations

We support targeted marketing efforts across different media outlets and have experienced building and running publisher platforms. This includes:

  1. Social Media Support: On various platforms of your choosing such as Telegram, WhatsApp, Discord, Slack, IRC, etc.* Our agents will be well-versed with your white paper and model.

  2. Email/Ticket Support: We can respond to customer inquiries via email or ticket system, assisting users with the contribution process and any questions that they may have (in multiple languages).

  3. Promotional Services: We offer campaign management via the most popular cryptocurrency forum in the world, bitcointalk. We will manage your announcement and bounty campaign threads on BitcoinTalk, and respond to user replies and inquiries on both.

  4. Native language support: Primary support provided in English, French and Spanish**. We can translate websites, white papers, and press releases/media hits.

  5. KYC/AML: Our team is experienced in Know-Your-Customer and Anti-Money-Laundering procedures. We can verify your customers through user submitted documents, with a focus on data privacy and accuracy

* Any popular social media channel, Android/Apple app based or Win compatible

** Other languages can be provided upon request