Press: Alison Davis Appointed Chair of the Women's Initiative for Self Employment

Having been named one of the “Most Influential Women in Business” by the San Francisco Times each year from 2006 through 2010, it comes as no shock that Alison Davis acts as the current chair of the governing board for Women’s Initiative – a nonprofit organization providing resources for low-income women who want to start and build their own businesses. 

Davis – elected as chair in 2010 – has been described as a devoted leader with the necessary enthusiasm and confidence to hold this position. Executive Director Nicole Levine has been involved with Women’s Initiative for 18 years and has worked with Davis throughout her two-year involvement. 

Levine expressed much admiration for Davis and the work she has put forth, describing her as “absolutely committed, passionate and an effective leader,” adding that whenever Davis speaks within the community about the program, “people can’t help but want to get involved.”

Choosing a board member to represent the company is decided among an eligible pool of volunteers who have access to resources and human connections, think strategically and above all, have a high level of commitment and interest. Some of the board’s main priorities include making sure the staff adheres to the company’s mission, making certain the big-picture goals are on their way to completion, and deciding on the organization’s budget and meeting quarterly requirements.  

When it came to choosing Davis, the nonprofit wanted someone who was devoted to helping women move out of poverty into economic development. Women’s Initiative clients, on average, give $1,000 back to the community – often having it ingrained in their minds to help others in the community that has helped them get on their feet.  

Women’s Initiative clients include “The Front Porch” restaurant, “Pretty Pretty Collective” hair salon and “Beyond the Star” vintage clothing, all started by women who successfully completed the program. 

Davis represents and oversees a team of individuals all dedicated to progressing the dreams of women trying to start their own business and better their lives. She sets a high standard of quality within decision-making and is serving as a role model for the board and clients.