Secrets of Silicon Valley

Pearls of Wisdom from Exceptional PEOPLE



The purpose of this book with the working title Secrets of Silicon Valley - Pearls of Wisdom from Exceptional People is to provide insights and advice to people who think they would like to participate in the Fifth Era as Entrepreneurs and Investors (Angel, Crowdfunding, Venture) but who do not have the experience to know what to seek out and what to avoid.

The format of the book is a collection of 50 or more short chapters each of which is created by an exceptional Silicon Valley person - entrepreneur, investor, technology executive, service provider, or government/NGO leader. Each chapter includes:

  • A hand drawn headshot of the exception person
  • Their name and title
  • The role(s) they play in the ecosystem
  • A brief personal purpose for why the person is participating in the ecosystem
  • A short story drawn from their experience
  • A moral to that story - the pearl of wisdom

The book can be thought of as a modern day Silicon Valley version of Aesops Fables.

The 50 people are each exceptional, have been chosen from our close friends and acquaintances, and are each an active participant in the Silicon Valley early stage technology ecosystem.

The book will be compiled in the summer of 2017 with a planned publication date of the end of the third quarter 2017.


You have been given access to this page because you have agreed verbally to be one of the 50 or more Exceptional People that make up this book.  We thank you very much for agreeing to participate, and we will take great pains to make sure that this becomes a legacy that you can be justly proud of.

If you wish to now participate in this project, please complete all fields in the following form and submit them to the Author.

You may want to first review the form and prepare your submissions in a separate document before cutting and pasting them into this form - since this form can not be saved and returned to once you begin to complete it.


Name *
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Why you do what you do - your purpose (Maximum of 100 words)
Select which audience you intend your moral for.
The big thought (pearl of wisdom) you would like to pass onto prospective entrepreneurs and/or investors (Maximum of 100 words)
A Silicon Valley story from your life and experience that leads to the moral (pearl of wisdom). This can be anything told in the way you want to tell it. A person who gave you inspiration, a deal that went wrong and taught you something, a world changing technology that made you passionate about what you do, etc (Maximum of 750 words, but around 500 words is preferred)
This is optional. In most cases we hope your closing thought is your moral (pearl of wisdom). But if you want to add a final thought (maximum of 50 words) please do so here.
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