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Start-up Entrepreneur Bernhard Kerres on the Digital Revolution in driving new business.

trend: What does the Digital Revolution for your business?

Bernhard Kerres: HELLO STAGE it would not exist yes no Digital Revolution. But it makes us thieving fun, a business model that has hardly changed in the 18th century since the times of Joseph Haydn, shake up. HELLO STAGE is today the world's largest online community of classical musicians and professionals with over 11,000 members from over 100 countries.

trend: What subjects would you have to be prepared for this unplanned environment on your radar?

Kerres: It is essential to have a vision and every minute to work on the practical implementation of it, not to endless plans. A vision allows spaces to respond to new market insights. A (business) plan limits. Therefore away with the plans, and prefer to work on the concrete realization of visions.