Kingsoft Partners with Spellgun to bring top ranked Chinese games to the US and Western markets

Spellgun is partnering with Chinese company Kingsoft to bring its leading Chinese videogames to the US and Western markets.

Kingsoft is nearly 15% owned by Chinese billionaire Lei Jun, the main founder and CEO of Xiaomi.  Tencent owned 12.6% of Kingsoft before the recent agreement to sell part of its holdings to Xiaomi.  Xiaomi is the world’s No. 3 smartphone maker.

Lei, 45,  has led Xiaomi’s transformation into one of the most explosive businesses in the global smartphone industry since the company was founded more than four years ago. At a product launch attended by 2,000 in Beijing last Thursday, Lei unveiled new models that he compared head-to-head with rival Apple.  Forbes Asia in November named Lei its 2014 “Businessman of the Year.”  Unlisted Xiaomi recently raised $1.1 billion in a stock sale that valued it at $45 billion, making its worth one of the largest among the world’s unlisted businesses.