Keiretsu Forum to start its India journey on February 6

Angel investing is set to get a leg up with the Keiretsu Forum, a leading global investor network, starting its India operations. Its Chennai chapter, the forum’s 34 globally and first in the country, will be formally launched on February 6.

“The fact that there is a mushrooming of angel investor groups is a leading indicator that there is both start-up activity as well as investor interest in it. There is also growing sophistication among the angels,” says Rajan Srikanth, Co-President, Keiretsu Forum Chennai & Singapore. Keiretsu Forum was founded in 2000 in the Bay Area, US.

Membership to the Keiretsu Forum is by invitation and the Chennai chapter has signed up 10 investors since a soft launch in December, including Chand Das, Chief Executive – ITC Education and Stationery; Biji Kurien, former CEO, Berger Paints; and S Gopal, former Managing Director, Chemplast Sanmar.