Sindeo Brings High-Tech Touch to consumer mortgage Originations

San Francisco-based Sindeo is trying to bring the mortgage brokerage business into the future, creating a new online service that focuses on helping consumers navigate the often confusing mortgage process from start to finish.

"By coming to Sindeo, they're going to have all of the information they need, they're going to have access to all the different products and programs, they're going to have a great service experience in deciding and closing on the loan," he said.

Stamos said he was motivated to create Sindeo, which means "connect" in Greek, after applying for a home loan in 2010.

The experience "set off some triggers in my mind regarding why is it so difficult to go through and learn about, and then ultimately shop and then decide and close upon a mortgage," he said.

He argued that mortgage banking still lags behind other financial services sectors when it comes to using technology.

When asked if Sindeo is a mortgage banker or a mortgage broker, Stamos responded, "At the end of the day, we're the place the consumer should go to make the best decision on their mortgage."