Blockchain Capital Most Active US Fintech Investor

These days, fintech is as buzzy a word as you're going to find in the venture capital world. The term covers a wide range of technologies and applications, from mobile payments and app-driven stock trading to online lending, bitcoin and more. Globally since 2012, 992 VC investors have participated in at least one of the 1,250 total rounds raised by fintech startups, according to PitchBook data; roughly half of those investors have been active in the space within the past 12 months. Venture capital invested in fintech has risen from $1.46 billion in 2012 to $5.75 billion in 2015 YTD—already a record. And as the median deal size has reached $7.8 million this year, fintech deals with VC investor participation have seen a median post-money valuation of more than $71 million.

Here are the top VC investors in the global fintech space since 2012, along with their deal counts:

1. Blockchain Capital (24)
2. Digital Currency Group, Sequoia Capital (22)
3. SV Angel (18)
4. Index Ventures, Ribbit Capital (17)