Telltale Games rules the entertainment industry

While most of us were busy playing big-budget blockbusters like “Call of Duty” or seeing the latest Marvel superhero movie in theaters, a game company in San Rafael, California, has positioned itself in the driver’s seat of the future of entertainment.

The company is willing to collaborate with those responsible for driving various entertainment franchises into the American consciousness. Developers worked with the writers of “The Walking Dead” comics and TV show, as well as those responsible for the other pop culture mainstays immortalized in Telltale Technicolor.

Despite this collaborative spirit — or maybe because of it? — the staff at Telltale has established themselves as the only true auteurs in gaming. They have just as much signature style as classic filmmakers like Martin Scorsese or Woody Allen. Although each franchise deals with drastically different subjects, they all have a signature look, feel and attention to story detail that is uniquely Telltale. Anyone who has played through a season of a Telltale franchise can take one look at a screenshot of any Telltale game and know exactly who made it.