Telltale’s Master Plan to Evolve Modern Storytelling

I first sat and chatted with Telltale Games’ CEO Dan Connors at the 2012 Game Developer’s Conference, just weeks before the studio released the first episode of The Walking Dead. We met up on the last day of the show and had a talk, which focused on the then-rising trend of digital distribution models. Telltale had seen recent success with Back to the Future, but none of us knew for sure at that point how the studio’s coming comic book adaptation would rock the foundation of interactive storytelling.

We met up again in 2013. Connors and his team at Telltale were fresh off the year-end accolades that The Walking Dead garnered at the end of 2012. The Wolf Among Us had just been announced, and the excitement was palpable as Connors and I discussed Telltale. The San Rafael-based studio had fully established its formula for interactive storytelling, and now it was time to grow.

Arranging a third GDC sitdown with Connors proved to be challenging. With two ongoing series in active development plus a third - Tales from the Borderlands– due to arrive in the coming months and a more distant fourth, based on Game of Thrones, it’s busy times for Telltale Games.