Soundwave: the Irish music story of the year so far

By now, many will have come across Soundwave, the Dublin-based start-up which has been blowing up online over the last few days. It’s probably been a whirlwind 72 hours since the launch on Friday morning for those behind the music discovery app, but that’s nothing compared to the work, time and patience involved in getting to this stage. Like all start-ups, Soundwave’s success is also as much about about staying the course, taking all the knockbacks onboard and coming out the other side with their sanity still in check.

In a nutshell, Soundwave allows you to see the tunes that your friends or those you are following are playing. The app simply tracks what you’re playing on your phone’s regular player and various streaming apps like Spotify or Rdio and pushes the info to the world. Like all the best ideas, it’s as simple as that. At a time when everyone and their aunt is on about music discovery, Soundwave simply does that – here’s what your mates are playing, the dodgy tunes as well as the hipster bait.