Soundwave app ‘explodes worldwide’

An endorsement from Stephen Fry and Apple founder Steve Wozniak was music to the ears of Irish company Soundwave, which launched its social music app yesterday.

Soundwave allows users to see what their friends or anyone in a given area of the world is listening to on their smartphone. Through a smart interface, users can draw the parameters on a map and then see what people in that area are listening to. 

Soundwave seems to have cracked the code for customer satisfaction, with Twitter blocking its account as it was receiving so many messages of support. 

“It’s after exploding all over the world,” Mr Sliney said. 

With the company wooing tastemakers to the app — all of The Coronas use it — and having received international press coverage on launch day, Soundwave could beat rivals such as Twitter Music and become the music discovery app of choice.