Matthew C. Le Merle

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Matthew Le Merle is co-founder and Managing Partner of Fifth Era and Keiretsu Capital - the most active early stage venture investors backing almost 200 companies a year. He is also Chairman of Linqto, Securitize (Europe) and CAH and an advisor at Warburg Pincus.

Matthew grew up in England before living most of his life in Silicon Valley where he raised his five children with his wife Alison Davis. Today he splits his time between the US and UK. By day he is an investor in technology companies and a bestselling author and speaker on innovation, investing and the future having worked at McKinsey, A.T. Kearney, Monitor, Booz and Gap. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, writing and photography. He was educated at Christ Church, Oxford and Stanford and is an adjunct professor at Singularity U.

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Fifth Era invests in and incubates early stage technology enabled companies through its digital futures fund.

Fifth Era also invests in leading blockchain venture funds through its blockchain fund of funds.


Fifth Era develops compelling corporate strategies for a digital age working with the executive teams and boards of advisory clients and portfolio companies.


Fifth Era's managing partners are best-selling authors on innovation and investing and sought after speakers.



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